About Rotex

Rotex is a group of former exchange students of the Rotary Youth Exchange programme. In Slovakia, Rotex was established in April 2007 at its first meeting in Strečno. We are gradually trying to extend the scope of our activities and increase the number of members with students who return every year from their stay.

Currently, we are joining with Rotex Czech Republic to form a unified Rotex District 2240. We are going to organize several events for the whole district, and we will also continue with separate Slovak and Czech meetings

Scope of Rotex Activities:

  • Keep contacts of former exchange students (rebounds) among each other
  • Prepare new exchange students (outbounds) for their stay abroad
  • Help exchange students to Slovakia (inbounds) and organize weekend trips for them

Working for Rotex:

  • Personal contact with exchange students (outbounds, inbounds) in the towns or at Slovakia-wide meetings and trips -> training of outbounds before their departure, helping inbounds with their problems, organising trips for inbounds and guiding them
  • E-contact with exchange students
  • Administrative help with activities related to exchange programme

Rotex Functioning:

  • Rotex involves students from the whole Slovakia, therefore most comunication takes place online
  • Meeting of the whole Rotex is organized twice a year at an easily accessible place, the first meeting is at the beginning of the school year in September (welcoming the new rebounds in Rotex) and the second one after the first semester of the school year in February or March (our ski weekend)
  • Structure of Rotex
    • President - manages the main functioning of Rotex
    • Vicepresident - co-manages the functioning of Rotex
    • Webmaster - responsible for right functioning of the website
    • Other positions may be added in the future if needed, there will be one-time positions for trips and other events - every event will have one responsible person, main organizer


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